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Reimagine HealthCare

At HealthX you will join a team whose goal is to create a healthier future for everyone. We aspire to bring our services to people no matter who they are or what their condition is. Come disrupt the current HealthCare system and help us make it more accessible with our emerging, innovative technology.

Help Us Expand our Care by Becoming a part of the HealthX Dream


Whether you want to join our team virtually or In-person, we will find the perfect spot for you on the front lines. As a provider you will be able to make healthcare accessible to people both in and out of their homes. Help us expand the reach of our health ecosystem as a nurse, doctor, or mobile support specialist.

Although we are an emerging Healthcare services provider, we are made up of more than just medical personnel. Our talented Tech and HR teams are constantly growing and looking for innovative candidates. On these teams you will be able to optimize our platform and our work processes making our services more user friendly, reliable, and secure.

Our services may begin with our providers, but our lab team plays a similarly vital role in delivering unbeatable care for our patients. As a member of this team, you will join our trained lab technicians, supervisors, and sample assessment personnel to seamlessly and safely process patient specimens.

Our Values



To make our patients feel safe, respected, and valued.



To identify and overcome HealthCare’s biggest obstacles.



To be unique by breaking the current standard and creating a better Health system.



To protect and provide care no matter the situation or potential crisis that our community may face.



To work with others so we can offer high quality care.



Rachel Moraga

Registered Nurse

What attracted me most to apply here is that it is something new and compelling. I love the idea of helping the community and making healthcare accessible and convenient for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Being a nurse in the hospital as well, HealthX can work with my schedule, and that is a huge advantage. My favorite part about HealthX is working with a passionate, well-rounded, motivating, and inspiring staff. I work in a positive environment, which makes me excited to come to work.

Anï Nwankpa

Medical Assistant Vaccinator

Before working at HealthX, I worked in dermatology for a while and wanted to experience other aspects of healthcare outside of a clinic/hospital setting. I heard about the job from a friend who knew someone that worked at HealthX! What made me want to apply is my favorite part of working at HealthX. I love the flexible work schedule and being able to work autonomously while still being a part of and surrounded by a great team! Meeting new coworkers and networking is my favorite part of working at HealthX!

Rudy Herrera

Logistics Specialist

My favorite part of working at HealthX is positively impacting communities by helping communities get vaccinated, learning many new and changing things here in operations, getting out on the road, and performing different tasks. Also, the work environment here is very warm and welcoming. I enjoy coming to work with the people here, and upper management is very kind and giving; it makes me more motivated to work hard for management that recognizes the effort you put into your work.

Reese Leitao

Logistics Supervisor

Working at HealthX is helping me gain the critical experience necessary for medical school. I have worked with Mobilevax before at the United Center Vaccination Clinic. The staff were friendly, hardworking, and cared about their mission. My favorite part of the job has been the opportunity to provide healthcare to the state of Illinois, especially those who are less fortunate and have more difficulty receiving proper care.

Harold L. Sledge, II

Laboratory Supervisor

I’ve always been attracted to the unknown. Chemistry and Biology allow a path to discover the unknown. I first became aware of the company during the height of vaccinations. The company was very involved in the city and the campaign to end COVID-19. I love working for HealthX because it’s a new company that is rapidly expanding. It’s exciting to create new ideas, systems, and platforms and then watch them take off!

Christina Khorn

Laboratory Technician

I saw the job posting and learned of all the great work HealthX was doing. Knowing that this new company was quickly developing and rapidly finding new ways to provide healthcare to the community attracted me to this position. My favorite part of working at HealthX is the people. I can tell this is a group of determined individuals willing to contribute to the community’s health and learn new things.